The prime minister of Timor-Leste, Rui Maria de Araujo, is on an official visit to Cuba, where he traveled to learn more about this Caribbean country, as he said upon arrival at Havana.

After being welcomed by Deputy Foreign Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez on Friday, the head of government of that small Asian nation said he had brought “a warm embrace from the president of the Republic of Timor Leste and its people to the brother people of Cuba.”

The president stressed that bilateral relations are excellent, and remind that his country has a significant presence of Cuban collaborators in many sectors.

According to his agenda, the prime minister will pay tribute to Cuban National Hero, Jose Marti, on October 5, and later he will hold talks with President Raul Castro.

He will tour the “Victoria de Giron” Institute for Basic and Preclinical Science on October 6, and will visit the University of Sciences of Physical Culture and Sport, in this capital, on October 7.

A meeting with Cuban Parliament President Esteban Lazo is also expected, as part of his third visit to Cuba, which will conclude on Thursday, October 8.


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DateJuly 15, 2016