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Samaresh took the opportunity of this meeting to inform the Prime Minister of the Child Health Now campaign that World Vision East Timor was launching that week. Samaresh outlined the campaign focus as ending preventable child deaths through better access to health care and improved nutrition.
The Prime Minister was very impressed by the campaign, giving it his endorsement by personally signing a certificate of appreciation.

Rui Maria de Araújo also expressed interest in visiting World Vision’s MNCH programs to interact with members of mothers clubs and to hear directly from them about the challenges they face in raising healthy children. The Prime Minister will visit the Bobonaro Area Program on Tuesday 19 May.

This is a fabulous start to the World Vision East Timor Child Health Now campaign and we congratulate World Vision East Timor staff and executive on having seized this rare opportunity to bring child health to the attention of the country’s most powerful political leader.


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DateJuly 15, 2016